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Welcome to Cage Talent

The "un-search firm"

Cage Talent provides executive search and recruiting, team assessment, and leadership development for individuals and corporate, government, and nonprofit organizations around the world.

Why "un-search"?

  • Because we’re easy to work with and get your talent problems solved quickly. We’re known for delivering comprehensive talent management services, with impeccable integrity, speed, cost efficiency, and down-to-earth and ongoing communication.
  • Because we provide RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) solutions. That is, we can unbundle your talent management process and handle any portion of it you don’t have the time for or simply don’t enjoy: position descriptions and scorecards, sourcing, recruiting, assessment instruments, behavioral interviews, candidate write-ups, reference reports, and background checks.
  • And because we speak truth to power even when that truth may make some people uncomfortable. But we also provide you with practical solutions that you and your team can use right away to address challenges and start to change your organization and meet your goals.

What you get, ultimately, is a reduced risk of hiring or promoting the wrong person, lower costs and greater performance, and less time to fill your crucial roles and prepare strategic plans.

We’re the team to turn to when you’ve been burned by recruiters,
but you still need a slate of quality candidates now.

Call on us also when you want to size up your team and change your organization,
yet you need the real-time insight to do it well and fast.

  • Do you have an important, hard-to-fill role that’s been open for a while?
  • Is something telling you something’s not quite right with a candidate or a member of your team who’s up for a promotion?
  • Are you worried your star player is going to bolt?
  • Would you like a deep-dive second opinion on a final slate of candidates?
  • Do you need accurate information to put together a strategic plan, but don’t even know where to start?
  • Do you have a board meeting coming up and could use some help gathering competitive intelligence and inside data from your organization, and then pulling the whole story together?
  • Do you dread writing reference reports or think the typical background checks are a waste of time?
  • Are you afraid your résumé can’t compete with the thousands of others that cross a typical recruiter’s desk?

With experienced staff on the East and West Coasts, Cage Talent can
help you address questions like these.

Contact us to learn what the "un-search firm" can do for you!